Sunday, July 17, 2016

Tips for Caring African-American Short and Natural Hair

Women who have natural African American hair may face difficulties in managing it as most  hair products in the market are especially made for Caucasian hair. If you have this kind of hair and also have a short haircut, you can flaunt the natural shine.

The kinky curls that are the signature style of an African American’s hair can be managed by making use of proper styling techniques and the right hair products. Here are some of the top hair tips from well-known hairstylists who are experienced in working with this particular type of  hair and can guide you on how to take care of your hair in the best way possible.

Tip 1: Wash your hair only once a week

You must wash your hair only once in a week. And that is because the texture of African American hair is usually drier than other hair types. Moreover, most of the shampoos constitute of sodium lauryl sulfate which behaves like a detergent and can further dry your hair. Once a week is an adequate amount if your hair is kinky, it will not permit the traveling of oil down your hair shaft like it does on straight hair.

Tip 2: Avoid rubbing your hair too hard

You should pat and squeeze your hair to dry it after stepping out of the shower. Avoid rubbing your hair as it will lead to frizzing. Rather,  you should gently dry your hair using a towel and use a hair dryer that is available with a diffuser attachment. This will give your short hair a soft definition.

Tip 3-Use a special gel that suits your hair texture

Styling your hair can get easier and better by using hair gel that has been specially designed for the African American hair type.  Gels that are made of other types of hair can dry it up. Hence you should select your gel from the designated section of hair care products for African American hair. All these hair products have been especially formulated for drier and coarser hair and is a great way of keeping your short hair looking styled and not at all messy.

Tip 4-Apply a good hair oil

Use a good hair oil in the middle of the week after you have gotten it styled. After about 3 to 4 days, you may observe that your short hair style has fallen flat. Wax, oil or pomade however, can help your hair come back to shape once again without going for a hair wash and putting it through the drying and styling routine all over again. Simply make sure that the oil does not get on the skin since it may lead to breakouts.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tips to Detangle Curly/Frizzy Hair with Minimal Breakage

Most African-American women have curly and frizzy hair that are prone to breakage. Even though this is a common problem, most women are still unaware about how to detangle their hair so as to avoid maximum breakage. Detangling plays a big role in the health of your hair. Here are some useful tips on how to save your hair from breakage by detangling the right way!

Tip#1: Importance of wetting and conditioning

It might be helpful to wet your hair completely and apply a good amount of silky smooth conditioners immediately after that.

When your hair is still damp and you apply sufficient amount of conditioner to it, it becomes much easier to detangle. This is because the much needed lubrication is offered by the conditioner and water which make the hair slippery. So the comb can run easily through your hair without causing unnecessary breakage.

Tip#2 Use the right tools and products for detangling curly hair

Majority of the women with curly and frizzy hair will agree that fingers can be the ideal tool for detangling hair. But this technique only works for those who have a lot of time and patience. Otherwise, it is best to get hold of a wide-tooth comb or a brush (especially designed for detangling curly hair).

Consider cream-based conditioners and leave-in conditioners to be your best detangling friends. If you try and detangle your hair without them, you will most likely experience a lot of breakage and hair damage.

Tip#3: Detangle in sections

This is one of the most important tips for women with curly, frizzy and/or rough-textured hair. Detangling in section can save you from a lot of hair breakage. Once you have applied conditioner to your hair, divide it into 5 to 8 sections. You will feel less stressed when you focus on a single section of hair at a time instead of attempting to detangle all your hair in one go. This method of detangling also guarantees that all parts of the hair are detangled and no knots are left behind.

Tip#4: Begin detangling from the hair ends 

It is a crime to start detangling your hair from the roots. You will cause excessive breakage when you get stuck in the middle because the ends of your hair are all tangled. Instead, start the detangling process from the hair ends and slowly go up. This will cause much less breakage.

Follow these simple and effective tips to tame your beautiful curly hair and prevent them from breaking!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hair Locs And Why Calling Hair Locs "Dreads" is Derogatory?

There are various occasions when you may have come across people who claim that they have locs as they would refuse to call their hair ‘dreadful’. Many also say that dreadlocks have a derogatory connotation and the roots of that are from Jamaica. There are several people who may believe that it was in Jamaica that the dreadlocks actually originated but it is a wrong notion. That is because, before the Jamaicans, there are several other cultures that have sported dreadlocks such as Egyptians and the Indian Yogis.

Jamaican culture came up with this hairstyle after the slavery of the Indians. There is a line of thought that the concept of ‘dreads’ has its roots in Bible.
If you visit any holy place in India, you are bound to come across Yogis who have their hair styled in Dreadlocks even in today’s times. However, contrary to what many may think, dreadlocks are not just some hairstyle for these people. It is to demonstrate to the world that he or she has renounced personal needs and is in quest for getting connected with the divine spirit.

So why does many people have this derogatory feeling about the word ‘dreadlock’?

In Jamaica for instance, the residents have been using the term ‘dread’ as a mark of reverence similar to how one would make use of the word “sir” for addressing a person who is elder; or who you would want to show your regard to or perhaps when you don’t know that person well.

In Jamaica, the word ‘dread’ has originated from the country’s religious roots. In the medieval age, people showed respect and were afraid of all such people who had dreadlocks. In fact, if someone did wear dreadlocks, he or she was regarded as a powerful and holy person. People thought that the person was spiritually connected to the divine and he or she was distinct from the other people. Even if you get an opportunity to interact with a Yogi in the present day, he or she would definitely say that the journey taken has been different from people around them.

Can it be said that the term ‘dreadlock’ is a negative terminology as it is linked with someone who seems to be ‘dreadful’? 

It really depends on your personal perspective as many people may not agree that it is a derogatory thing.  So prior to accepting that the word ‘dreadlock’ has a negative connotation, you must do proper research. Only then can you determine how you should look at a person sporting ‘dreadlock’. It is better not to follow the conflicting information blindly.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dry, Damaged Hair Ruining Your Day? Worry No More

From lack of moisturization to overdoing heat styling, the reasons for ending up with dry, damaged hair could be many. Luckily, the options for treating lifeless hair are also several, and all-natural! Yes, some of your favorite fruits and ingredients lying in your kitchen could help you bring your hair back to life. Try these natural hair care treatments for hair that is beautiful from the outside and strong from the inside.

Oil massage

Improve blood circulation in your scalp and strengthen your hair strands by massaging your dry tresses with warm olive oil. Coat each strand with oil and cover your head with a warm towel or a shower cap. Let the oil work its magic for at least half an hour (better if you can keep it overnight). Wash off with a mild, natural shampoo and conditioner. Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E, which together help repair damaged hair. You can also mix some coconut oil with olive oil and apply it to your hair.

Smooth it with banana! 

Bananas are not just great for your health, but your hair as well. The fruit is rich in potassium and several vitamins, thereby providing nourishment to damaged hair and helping it become strong. Mash one or two ripe bananas (based on your hair length) with a few teaspoons of coconut, olive or almond oil. You can also add some yogurt to the mix, but make sure that the mask is free from banana chunks. It should be smooth. Wet your hair and then apply the mask, for easy application. Keep it for about 1-2 hours and wash off with a shampoo and conditioner.


Egg is a superfood for dry, damaged hair. Even a single application of an egg-based hair mask will do a lot to improve the quality of your hair. Egg yolk is full of protein, which damaged hair is always hungry for. Egg whites further help cleanse the scalp. Whisk 1-2 eggs, add 3 tablespoons of yoghurt to it and lastly mix a few drops of olive oil in it. Cover with a shower cap and place a hot towel over it. Let it sit for thirty minutes before washing it off with cold water. Never wash an egg hair mask with hot or lukewarm water.

Maintain a hair care routine, use natural products, be gentle on your hair, avoid heat treatments and eat right to see an improvement in your hair quality in no time.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Six Hacks That Will Help You Say Goodbye To Your Frizzy Hair

Curly hair tends to lack moisture, which lifts the hair cuticles and allows moisture to get into the strands. The result is swelling of hair strands, which means frizz! It is not a pleasant scene of course, but thankfully there are simple ways of taming your frizzy hair.

  1. Wash it rightWashing your hair everyday might be a habit, but it is not of much help to your curly hair. Wash your tresses every two or three days instead. It will help retain the natural oil in your hair and prevent frizz. A lot of hair stylists also recommend co-washing to keep frizz at bay. Co-washing refers to washing your hair only with a conditioner. So you can wash your hair with a mild, natural shampoo and conditioner once a week and skip the shampoo for the other two washes during the week. However, make sure you apply the conditioner only to the ends of your hair and not to the roots, as it can weigh down your hair and make it appear greasy.
  2. Understand the difference between towel drying and air dryingRubbing your wet hair vigorously with a towel will only lead to frizz. You can always use a clean, soft cotton t-shirt to wring out excess water from your hair, but after that just let your hair air dry. When your hair is about 90 percent dry, use a smoothing or moisture-locking serum to keep your hair frizz-free.
  3. Avoid heat stylingFrying your hair (yes, that's what straightening does, right?) will damage your curls and make them dry, eventually leading to frizz. So avoid using heating tools on your hair.
  4. Pretty to watchYour gorgeous tight locks deserve all the love no doubt, but constant touching and running your fingers through your hair will not do them any good. Touching your hair frequently can also lead to frizz.
  5. Use the right toolsCurly hair can be demanding, so make sure you are equipped with the right tools. Have the right bristle brush and a wide-toothed comb. Always brush your hair before washing your hair and use a wide-toothed comb if you feel the need to comb your hair while its wet.
  6. The princess treatmentPamper your hair and yourself by sleeping on a silky, satiny pillow cover. Don't have one? Put that silk scarf to use.

Bonus tip: If you still end up with frizz, you can tame it away by spraying some hair spray on a toothbrush or mascara wand and brushing the problem areas with it!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Four Things Not to do to Your Curly Hair

Curly hair has been in fashion since the last few years. If you have naturally curly mane, you must ensure that you take proper care of it and avoid doing certain thing so that you can have a shiny and silky hair texture.

Here are four things that you should avoid doing to your curly hair.

  1. Do not shampoo your curly hair too oftenIn case you have curly hair, you must have observed that your hair texture is quite dry. When you shampoo your curly hair very frequently, you hair can become brittle as the natural oils required by your curly hair get washed out. In case you have to shampoo your hair, it should be done only a few times in a week. While shampooing your hair, the lather should be kept close to the scalp so that your curly traces can be taken care by excess soapy water.
  2. Do not select a stylist on a sudden impulseIf you have curly locks, avoid picking up a hair stylist blindly. You should remember that you need to choose a stylist and a salon that is an expert in handling your curls. Just note that you should never cut your curly hair when it is wet. This is because your curls have a natural tendency to shrink in size when it gets dried up. So at the end of you air cut, you may find that you have intentionally sported a frizzy bob though you had simply desired for a trim. Make sure that your curly hair is never cut with a razor as it can lead to odd patterns of hair growth and premature breakage.
  3. Do not be scared of a productSince curly hair has a tendency to become dry, it is imperative for you to apply hair moisturizing products so that your curls have a bouncy and smooth texture. If you want the finest results for your hair, you should select all those hair products that have been particularly made for curly hair and contain ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil and shea butter. So stop being a girl who is scared about touching her hair.
  4. Do not brush your curly hair when it is dryAS discussed earlier, curly hair is brittle and has a dry texture so it can break quite easily. Make sure you treat it in a nice way. So if you comb your hair while it is dry, it may result in split ends and breakage. Moreover, you may also have a frizzy mess at the end of your combing session.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Curly Hair Hacks

If you have curly or wavy hair, you need to put in a lot of efforts in keeping your hair in check. Make sure that that you hydrate, moisture, condition and set your hair on a regular basis so that you don’t have a bad day with your hair. Whether you have wavy hair or full-blown curly hair, these simple hair care hacks can always guarantee you those perfect curls.

Try washing your curly hair with hair conditioner

If you have curly hair, it is better that you don’t use a shampoo too frequently. It is better that you use a good conditioner instead while washing your hair. No matter, what type of curly hair you have, your number one should be to ensure that you are conditioning it properly. This is because curly hair does not get an adequate volume of natural scalp oils that easily. This is precisely the reason why regular conditioning should be a mandatory part of hair care regimen for curly hair. When you start washing your hair, make sure that you start conditioning it from the scalp and then move along the length. You should use the same process while combing your hair.

Use your T-shirt instead of a towel to dry off your hair

Get ready to make a switch in case you have curly hair. It is recommended that you dry your curly hair using a T-shirt as it will help in reducing frizz to a great extent and minimize hair breakage after you complete washing your hair. As shirts are not as absorbent as your towel, you can squeeze your hair gently before getting it dried. Make sure that you do not twist it ever. You should be also aware that your hair becomes softer and weaker whenever it is wet. When you use a towel to dry your wet hair, the grooves in your towel may damage your hair cuticle. A towel can extract moisture from your hair when you rub it vigorously. Consequently, your curly hair may become frizzy.

Start using a wide tooth comb

A comb with a wide tooth is ideally the best choice for all those people who have curly hair. The comb’s teeth have wide spacing between them so that it can run through your curly hair almost effortlessly. It is easier to de-tangle the tangled and curly hair using a wide tooth comb. There are other benefits too. You don’t have to pull your hair strands hard whenever you brush your wet hair. It is always recommended not to comb wet hair as it is more fragile when wet.